The Chocolate Block Wine

The Chocolate Block Wine Guide

The Chocolate Block of Boekenhoutskloof Winery, a wine to rule them all … the most succulent recipes, of course, the ones you would see the protagonist of a sumptuous royal banquet. Thanks to an intense charm that adds soft fruity sensations to intriguing spicy and toasted notes that, lo and behold, are reminiscent of chocolate.
More than a red wine, The Chocolate Block is a spell with a compelling taste, sip after sip.
During lunch, during dinner, at the end of the world… The Chocolate Block always suits you.

Chocolate Block: a Blend from South Africa

The Chocolate Block Wine

The Chocolate Block: a Red Wine Blend from South Africa

Syrah in South Africa

Syrah is a very successful grape variety all over the world. From very ancient origins, its richness has landed in almost every corner of the globe, bringing with it a gritty character. However, despite its innate strength, Syrah has only been able to give its best in some environmental contexts.
In South Africa Syrah grows well especially in the Swartland District, thanks to a hot and dry climate and poor soils, rich in shale and sedimentary rocks. A not very fertile soil but perfect for the vine, as it helps the roots to grow deeply in search of constant nourishment. Pedoclimatic conditions that favour the development of bunches full of aromas and substances.
For this reason, The Chocholate Block came to mind at the historic estate of Boekenhoutskloof: a song of an ancient land with its grapes.
Viticulture in South Africa began during the 1600s, when the first grape vine cuttings were planted. In the mid-1800s, numerous German and Italian emigrants settled in the area near Cape Town, to begin a new agricultural and wine adventure … which, sadly, was then crushed by wars and parasitic attacks by phylloxera.

Chocolate Block Wine by Boekenhoutskloof

Boekenhoutskloof was one of the ancient South African estates that, thanks to its excellent soils, and a new enterprising work team, managed to resurrect, in the early 90s, to give life to a rich and tasty production, capable of conquering the international markets.
Organic production, which focuses on knowledge of the raw material and the efficiency of production methods: Boekenhoutskloof wines are liked for their territoriality and their enjoyable charm.
Moreover, The Chocolate Block possesses a unique style, which conveys aromas, strength, warmth and drinkability.
This happens thanks to rich grapes, in which you can clearly feel the spicy and fruity character of the two main grape varieties used, Syrah and Grenache, typical vines of the Rhone valley and of the famous AOC Chateauneuf-du-Pape which, also in South Africa, express themselves beautifully.
A blend that is the result of a skilful assembly, different from year to year, from wines aged in barrique and in oak barrels, for a period between 13 and 16 months. Different aging methods for different grapes and wines… a story that always deserves to be read, year after year.

The Chocolate Block

Special Taste

The Chocolate Block smells intensely of mixed berries jam, a symphony in which you feel the sweetness and delicately sour touch of blueberries and raspberries. Then the aromas are transformed, giving penetrating sensations of pipe tobacco, roasted coffee beans, dark chocolate and sweet spices.
A wine with a long and intense persistence, as energizing as the tastiest of espresso. A South African blend, with a ruby red hue, which gives you intense memories of vanilla, berries, coffee and, of course, chocolate. A taste that leaves its mark.

Best Pairings

A wine like this has the right qualities to face even the richest and most demanding recipes.
Thanks to its velvety finish, The Chocolate Block dominates hot and spicy flavors, supports foods with a long persistence. That is why it is a wine so appreciated all over the world, because its soft richness trespasses every border.
Thus, it pairs very well with tasty recipes from all over the world:

  • Hungarian goulash
  • Braised pork shank
  • Traditional steak and kidney pudding
  • Picanha steak with braised greens
  • Beef steak with mushroom sauce
  • Kubidé kebab
  • Maroccan-style lamb tajine
  • Chili con carne
  • Bacon roasted turkey … in fact, doesn’t bacon pair deliciously with chocolate?

That’s why with the Chocolate Block you can dare, even before and after dinner, enjoying it with a taste of roasted bacon, glazed with dark chocolate.

Just a juicy tip from your personal Saghi.
You can buy this amazing wine here.