Pinot Noir Reserve by Villa Maria: true Elegance

Pinot Noir Reserve by Villa Maria

Make yourself comfortable, you are about to savor an excellent Pinot Noir Reserve: the special one made by Villa Maria Winery and awarded 91 points by James Suckling.
Just uncorking it, this nectar creates a magical, elegant, relaxing atmosphere. The perfect setting for special moments and pleasant evenings.
All this with a glass of Villa Maria Pinot Noir Reserve: the tastiest way to discover an authentic New Zealand Pinot Noir from the Marlborough region. A refined, juicy and smooth charm.
More than a simple taste, an adventurous and comfortable journey at the same time.
Villa Maria’s Pinot Noir Reserve knows how to give intense and pleasant emotions, like the most enjoyable moments.

Villa Maria Pinot Noir Reserve: Marlborough in red

Marlborough region is mostly renowned for its crispy, fragrant and exotic Sauvignon Blancs … but its promises are far wider.
In this far-away land, Pinot Noir has found optimal climatic conditions that allow it to ripen at its best.
Villa Maria team has chosen the best vineyards to host this grape variety: places with intense seasonal and daily climate variations and a clay soil rich in minerals.
Optimal pedoclimatic conditions for a perfect phenolic and aromatic ripening of the grapes. It is no coincidence that wines made from Marlborough Pinot Noir grapes are endowed with a strong personality, mineral, silky and rich in color.

Villa Maria Pinot Noir Reserve

Villa Maria Pinot Noir Reserve

Pinot Noir Reserve by Villa Maria

Special Taste

Exotic, fruity, tasty, this is the gourmand soul of this Pinot Noir. In fact, Villa Maria Pinot Noir Reserve is not the usual Pinot Noir.
You can notice that just by its color: an intense ruby red.
A vibrancy that reflects the aromas inside the glass. In this particular Pinot Noir, the fruity notes are particularly evident, followed by floreal, grassy and woody nuances reminiscent of the earth. The spicy and toasted aromas come later, making the nose even more enveloping and penetrating with hints of dark chocolate, anise, clove and pepper.
Intense aromas that reveal themselves slowly… that’s classy!
The taste is silky, with very fine tannins, pleasantly fresh and savory, thanks to its earthy and fruity character.
And the best is yet to come. Every sip ends gorgeously with a roundly and succulent finish, with a long-aromatic persistence.

Best Pairings


Not just a BBQ wine, Villa Maria Pinot Noir Reserve is the protagonist of special occasions.
With its mere presence it ennobles even the simplest moments, such as an evening in slippers, sitting in front of the fireplace, preferably in good company.
With its refined character, this Pinot Noir makes you think of the most beautiful books you have read, of fascinating projects to undertake, of people you wish to see again.
A delight for the palate and the mind.
A very pleasant red wine, easy to drink on its own … what the experts call “meditation” wine.
Its innate elegance and harmonious taste make it the perfect companion for spicy seafood plates, vegetarian recipes and white and red meat courses with an earthy and spicy charm.
That’s why it pairs very well with the following recipes:

  • Charcuterie platters with olives, Gruyere, Gouda and Brie
  • Mushroom risotto
  • Portobello mushroom gratin
  • Sausage and mushroom lasagna
  • Beef tartare with black truffle
  • Seared duck breast with pomegranate reduction
  • Coq au Vin
  • Grilled rack of lamb
  • Roasted turkey with nuts and figs
  • Sweet and sour tuna steak

Just a juicy tip from your personal Saghi.
You can buy this amazing wine here.