Sauvignon Blanc Private Bin: enjoy and pair it!

Should Sauvignon Blanc Wine Be Chilled?

Awatere Valley kisses Wairau Valley, so it is a pleasure to meet and taste this Private Bin, an authentic Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. More than a white wine, a pleasure trip for every occasions.

When the weather is hot and damp, then the Sauvignon Blanc Private Bin plays its card of lively freshness, enclosed in a dry and almost thirst-quenching taste, studded with appetizing aromas.

A delicacy from the antipodes: a goodness that is no longer “private” but on everyone’s lips.

Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc Private Bin

Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc Private Bin

Private Bin by Villa Maria: a History of genuine Wines

Villa Santa Maria knows their grapes: a wine estate, born in the 60’s, with the mission of creating genuine and territoral wines. A success that is crowned by the Private Bin wine line and by this pure Sauvignon Blanc.

The Private Bin wines by Villa Maria are like a chocolate box: you never know what you choose, at first. When you tried them, you want them all. Fortunately, at this historical winery in Marlborough, people know well how to make customers happy: a bit of history, a lot of taste and a nice price.

Always a flag bearer vine of New Zealand, the Sauvignon Blanc and its interpretation by Villa Santa Maria rests on 50 years of tasty nectars. In fact, the first vintage of their Sauvignon Blanc was created in 1970, from grapes picked from the most rinomated terroir of Marlborough region.

From that moment on … only delicacy and typicality in crescendo, thanks to vineyards cultivated with sustainable viticulture practices: an approach that has been part of the company vision for 40 years.

Numbers, words … but it is the real charm of this Sauvignon Blanc that speaks for itself.

Sauvignon Blanc Private Bin: a special Taste

Easy to open, thanks to its screw cap, and easier to drink.

A bottle that reveals a passionate and crispy wine, with passion fruit and lime aromas on top, with undertones of grass and sage. The first sip is a fresh explosion, followed by a tasty finish that leaves the mouth full of flavour. Juicy and light, it is the wine you never get tired of. The best way to get that Friday feeling.

Sauvignon Blanc Private Bin best Pairings

Philadelphia roll: a perfect match for the Sauvignon Blanc Private Bin

Sauvignon Blanc Private Bin: the best Food Pairings

To enjoy this wine at its best, you should serve it at 8 °C/46 °F and open it five minutes before. Leave it alone in the glass for a couple of minutes et voilà, its ravishing aromas are ready to conquer everyone.

The right wine to pair with soft and creamy cheeses, like Brie, Philadelphia, Feta, Thicklemore or Bath Soft.

This Sauvignon Blanc is also the best friend for your sushi parties with colleagues and friends, especially if you match it with Philadelphia and Mango Roll and uramaki that mix fresh fruit, veggies and raw fish.

Crisp, fresh at every sip, it is also the perfect wine for vegetarian and vegan recipes. Try it with a lasagna with mushrooms and sage, with a salmon roasted with asparagus, with a spice pumpkin and carrot soup or with a pizza with peppers. It would surprise you, again.

Pumpkin and Carrot Soup: a good match for a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

Pumpkin and Carrot Soup: a good pairing for the Sauvignon Blanc Private Bin


Just a juicy tip from your personal Saghi.

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