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Château Gloria Saint-Julien Domaine Martin 2019

Château Gloria Saint-Julien Domaine Martin 2019 is a distinguished red wine from the heart of the Saint-Julien appellation in Bordeaux.

Château Gloria

Winery in Saint-Julien, France

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Located in the prestigious Saint-Julien appellation, Château Gloria is unique: its vineyards were put together piece by piece over many years through the purchase of a series of plots, mostly from mainly classified Growth in 1855. This château is the masterwork of Henri Martin, a legend in the Médoc. The quality of the wines is renowned across the globe, a reflection of the excellent vineyards and the care applied to both the vines and to the wines.

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Château Gloria’s history is as unusual as it is fascinating. This was Henri Martin’s life’s work: row by row, plot by plot, Henri Martin patiently and systematically negotiated with his grower friends in Saint-Julien to acquire his myriad Cru Classé vineyards, each enjoying prime locations in the appellation and benefiting from the local Gunzian gravel-rich soil. This was the birth of Château Gloria’s vineyards, and no mean feat – the 900 hectares of Saint-Julien’s vineyards belonged almost exclusively to the 11 Grand Cru Classé estates in the appellation.

The 1970’s saw the culmination of this project with one estate, mostly comprising Cru Classé vineyards, and some of the most prestigious in the appellation.

It is true however that the Château is not a Cru Classé in itself, and for very good reason: when the classifications were put in place in 1855, the estate did not yet exist. In any case, this Saint-Julien lives up to its name, with plenty of glory, success and no little faith. It is the reflection of a man from our era and how he “invented” a new estate, which he took to the very highest levels.

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The Family

The Triaud Family are the lucky owners of Domaines Henri Martin, which owns both Château Gloria and Château Saint-Pierre, 4ème Grand Cru Classé, and also Château Bel Air Gloria, a Cru Bourgeois Supérieur from the Haut-Médoc.

Françoise, the daughter of Henri Martin and her husband, Jean-Louis Triaud, their two children, Vanessa and Jean, and their respective spouses, Orphée and Caroline, are at the reins of the family’s estates.

They are all deeply committed to improving their results, and to keeping their wines up to the highest standards.

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The Vines

The Triaud Family applies an environmentally-friendly approach to their work, and their vines have received HVE3 and ISO14001 certification as a result. Moreover, Château Gloria is now on its way to becoming a fully organic vineyard. This forward-thinking strategy resonates particularly well with the new generation, who are always sensitive to the needs and desires of their consumers.

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Château Gloria is charming, vivacious and bursting with fresh fruit notes. The fine tannins and long, elegant finish are particularly seductive, beautifully complimenting the roundness, softness and balance of the whole. An elegant, refined wine, this certainly has the capacity to age gracefully.

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