Jackson Estate Vineyards

Jackson Estate Vineyards

Jackson Estate is a 30-year-old winery in New Zealand Marlborough region.
However, the Jackson family’s adventure began long ago, with pioneer Adam Jackson buying his first land on what was later called Jackson Road – the very heart of Marlborough territory.
From then on, the beating soul of the Jackson family has been the agricultural activity. A passionate business that has grown up over a century, acquiring a tasty soul of its own.
After five generations, in the ‘90s, John Stichbury started a wine adventure that immediately stood out for its wines capable of conveying their exciting terroir.
It is no coincidence that the company logo represents a historic rubber tree, planted in 1867, and today preserved and valued as the winery’s symbol.

Jackson Estate: Vineyards

Jackson Winery’s first Sauvignon Blanc vineyard, planted by Adam Jackson, is located on the ancient site of Homestead, on the later-named Jackson Road.
A special habitat, in which the Sauvignon Blanc grapes fell at ease, thanks to stony free draining silt loam soils.
Alongside Sauvignon Blanc vines, in Homestead Pinot Noir, Riesling and Chardonnay grapes are also cultivared. Grape varieties that equally benefit from the local pedoclimatic context.
Eversley and Somerset vineyards are located in the southernmost area of the Marlborough region, in the Waihopai Valley.
A place characterized with heavy clay soils that allow the Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir grapes, grown here, to accumulate an incomparable polyphenolic richness. Ripe fruits which become well-balanced and full-flavoured wines.

Marlborough vineyards

Jackson Estate: Production

A transformation, from great grapes to great wines, carried out in a marvelous cellar, innovative in design and tools, not to mention its undeniable eco-friendly charm.
In fact, the façade of the cellar was made with new and old materials, by the same art director who oversaw the production of the Hobbit trilogy, Brian Massey. More than a winery, a shire of good wines!
The building was designed to represent the ancient settlers hut, but equipped with a modern cellar, burgundy colored, to recall the shade of the Pinot Noirs made and refined on the inside.
An excellent production, also implemented thanks to the acquisition of 250 tonne winery and 52 small batch tanks.

Jackson Estate: eco-friendly Charm

The entire production is centered on respect for the environment, to ensure its conservation for future generations. In its 76 hectares of vineyards, Jackson Estate team favour the natural grassing to increase biodiversity and regenerate the soil. In the cellar, the harvested grapes are processed with minimal intervention, precisely to save the richness of the original fruits.
With the same idea, next to the winery and cellar door, the Jackson Estate inaugurated its Guest Cottage.
Converted from the ancient Wairau hospital, today the renovated building houses apartments equipped with all comforts and a magnificent view of the historic vineyards.
Just imagine the scents and the beauty of the place … relax reaches new levels, especially while sipping one of the Jackson Estate nectars.
Winery, vineyards and wines that truly transport you to a magical land, even if you stayed at home.