Sauvignon Blanc Stich: taste it!

You know why is chablis hard to find?

Sauvignon Blanc Stich is a white wine that surprises and makes you fall in love. When you ask someone what it is like, the answer is not simply “it’s good”, but rather: “I’ll definitely buy it again”. It has charm and it has a juicy story to tell.
Stich was born in one of the most popular wine estates in Marlborough, New Zealand, a region famous for the quality of its Sauvignon Blancs. A white wine that bears the name of the founder of the winery, John “Stich” Stichbury.
The Stich pays homage to its territory of origin twice, with its name and its distinctive goodness. A rock band of freshness and flavor that you would recognize among 100 tastings.

Sauvignon Blanc Stich by Jackson Estate

Jackson Estate was founded in 1988, in a fertile and promising land on which stood, for over a century, that Gum tree, called Gray Ghost, which today represents the company brand on every label.
A wine estate grown in a short time, which today boasts a new cellar, built using old and new materials, with an environmentally friendly design, created by the same art director of the Hobbit trilogy.
A charming guest cottage was also created in the Estate, for moments of vacation in the countryside for a complete regeneration of body, mind and spirit.
A charming production and hospitality that is the mirror of the wines produced, made with the aim of showing the preciousness of the terroir and the grapes harvested, working them as little as possible, thus preserving their natural ripeness.

Sauvignon Blanc Stich Jackson Estate

Sauvignon Blanc Stich: a special Taste

Ripe grapes made ripe wines: that’s why Sauvignon Blanc Stich has such a rich and persistent taste.
As soon as you pour it, you immediately perceive its freshness, evident thanks to the juicy notes of lime, lemon peel and exotic fruit. A fruity strength enriched with grassy and mineral notes, reminiscent of chalk and sea salt.
Smelling a glass of this Sauvignon is equivalent to admiring the sea waves crashing over magical cliffs, enjoying a fresh fruit salad with ice cream. What a pleasure!
The taste is the mirror of its aromas. A dry and fresh appeal, thanks to citrus fruit flavours, well balanced, with a silky texture and a long tasty embrace. Strength and lightness at every sip.

The best pairings

Sauvignon Blanc Stich Pairings

Greek salad: a good pairing for the Sauvignon Blanc Stich

So mineral: it adds flavor even to the most delicate recipes.
That’s why it is an excellent companion for vegetarian and vegan dishes, for fresh and goat cheese appetizers.
Imagine it next to:

  • chickpea hummus
  • falafel
  • pasta with turnip greens and pumpkin
  • spaghetti with smoked tofu
  • greek salad
  • vegan pad thai
Sauvignon Blanc Stich Food pairings

Tempura: a perfect match for the Sauvignon Blanc Private Bin

Its salty charm enriches seafood fusion recipes as well, even when accompanied by a fragrant vegetable side dish.
Sauvignon Stich is perfect next to:

  • prawn tempura
  • tataki tuna
  • seared scallops with watercress and asparagus
  • thai fish and pumpkin soup

The ideal white wine for spending a Friday evening in joy and lightness, experimenting with new and exotic flavors. Brio and relax guaranteed! Just thinking about the fanciful charm of this Sauvignon Blanc … makes you want to organize a fusion flavour party.
Sauvignon Blanc Stich is an informal and fun wine that is always tempting.

Just a juicy tip from your personal Saghi.
You can buy this amazing wine here.