Top Wine Holidays around the World

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Wine Holidays are the newest – and most interesting – trend in the holiday business. A relaxation that embraces all the senses, in the best possible way. Visits to the cellar and among the vineyards, wine tastings and wine-food pairings experiences plus, sometimes, the possibility of staying in special relais, surrounded by the beauty of the place.
Wine Holidays combine the magic of idyllic places, such as those where the vineyards are located, with country chic houses and modern cellars, today increasingly eco-friendly, inserted in the landscape, thanks to functional and futuristic architecture .
All these elements together contribute to making magical this type of holiday, full of tasty tastings and not just that!
Wine places are also special for their context: what better way to learn about the history, traditions, art and gastronomy of a place than through one of the most appreciated products of the earth: wine grapes.
You will see, even just reading the description of these Wine Holidays, you will immediately experience an irrepressible wanderlust!

Wine Holidays around the world

A mosaic of different, possible experiences, because every wine place has its own unique charm.
Which charm will suit you? Check out this guide and find out, while having fun.

Wine Holidays in Europe

Europe, the Old World. The wine here has the longest tradition. Maybe it’s not the continent where the viticulture was born, but it collect all the places where the winemaking became “art”, through many centuries of study and passion.
You can find amazing wines in different European Country, each of them with a unique style, story and scenery.

Wine Holidays in France

Some of the most renowned wine in the world come from France. A country with the longest and most constant winemaking tradition, always based on the pursuit of quality. Tasting the wines of Bordeaux, Burgundy and the many other wine areas of France is always a great experience.
To have a multi-sensory adventure, here are the cellars in prestigious wine areas, which combine fabulous landscapes with a comfort that involves all the senses, first of all taste.

Château Fombrauge: a luxury wine holiday

Château Fombrauge: a luxury wine holiday

1. Château Fombrauge – Bordeaux Region

Saint-Émilion, a few kilometers from Bordeaux, on the right bank of the Dordogne river, is one of the cult French territories for the excellence of its Cuvées, with Merlot as protagonist. Château Fombrauge is one of the most appreciated estates in the area, classified as a Grand Cru Classé, due to the richness of its terroir.
Its wines are born special, the result of centuries of experience: the first harvest of this Château dates back to the end of the 1500s! The grapevine has found its paradise in this estate. A holiday here makes you touch the sky with a finger. At the Château Fombrauge you can visit the vineyards and the cellar and, if you want an even more immersive experience, you can even stay in traditional and luxurious French-style suites … just like the wines produced.

Château de Chamirey - Wine Holidays in Burgundy

Château de Chamirey – Wine Holidays in Burgundy

2. Château de Chamirey – Burgundy Region

Elegance is at home at the Château de Chamirey, in the wines and in the landscape. By visiting this Estate, you will find yourself in one of the most renowned terroirs of the Côte des Nuits, that of Mercurey: a small village surrounded by bucolic countryside.
A Domaine, which owns prestigious vineyard parcels, where it is even possible to stay, lodged at the Maison du “Clos du Roi”, overlooking the vineyards of the homonymous Grand Cru.
A charming rural house, furnished with every comfort, with an equipped kitchen, three bedrooms and a magnificent terrace from which to admire the panorama … with a glass of their exceptional Pinot Noir.

3. Château de Beaupré – Provence

Who wouldn’t want to spend a few days on holiday in a castle? Château de Beaupré combines rustic charm with fine architecture, surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation and embellished with spectacular fountains.
At the Château de Beaupré, in Saint Cannat, in the precious area of Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence, magnificent tastings are organised, also in the form of an outdoor picnic. Furthermore, each season is an event. Don’t think of Provence only in the Summer! At this Château, even during the Christmas period, the vineyards light up with a fairy-tale atmosphere and re-enactment markets are organized within the historic walls of the manor.
The undeniable charm of the place is combined with fantastic, fragrant, highly drinkable wines with excellent value for money: a true hymn to the goodness of Provençal products.

Wine Holidays in Italy

The taste of excellent wines combined with the attractiveness of some of the most beautiful natural and artistic landscapes in the world. Italy, due to its history, climate and culinary traditions, is a fantastic destination for organizing Wine Holidays of various types. Whether you love the countryside, the mountains or the sea, you will find the perfect wine holiday to satisfy every desire. Here are some appetizing suggestions.

A dreaming wine holiday: Castello Banfi

A dreaming wine holiday: Castello Banfi

1. Banfi Castle – Tuscany

A Wine Resort that fulfills all wishes. A castle, inside a historic village, where it is possible to stay and taste, surrounded by olive trees and vineyards, in one of the most famous places in the world for wine production: Montalcino.
Drinking Brunello in a Castle: this is a fairytale holiday. Online reviews that don’t lie. Those who had the opportunity to taste the wines of Castello Banfi, in the magical setting of this historic estate, were enthusiastic about the experience.

There are even those who come to get married at Castello Banfi! How can you blame him, with such wines and such a context, the place is sacred. As if that weren’t enough, the area of Tuscany where this authentic castle stands is surrounded by places of art with a unique charm.

Serego Alighieri Wine Holidays

Serego Alighieri since 1355: a charming Wine Holiday

2. Masi, Serego Aligheri Estate – Veneto

From the experience of the Masi Wine Group, here comes a tasty full immersion in the lands of Amarone, one of the most loved Italian red wines, at home and abroad. If Masi wines are already special, imagine them in the setting of their charming home, surrounded by the hills covered with vineyards of Valpolicella, a short distance from the famous Verona, the city of lovers. Country style apartments, equipped with everything, there is even one located in a romantic turret.
Ideal for couples as well as families, as the guesthouse also has two bedroom apartments. You sleep in the quiet of the countryside and wake up pampered by the scents of the vineyards and by a genuine and rich breakfast.
Convenience, food and wonderful wines … it is normal that this Wine Resort won the “Location of the Year” award in the 2020 Food and Travel Italy Reader Awards.

3. Villa Barberina – Valdobbiadene, Veneto

A historic villa, surrounded by the vineyards of Valdobbiadene, and a great Prosecco, the one signed by Nino Franco.
An ancient Venetian residence which, under the new management of the Franco family since 2004, has maintained its traditional charm while being equipped with all modern comforts. Immersed in a park of centuries-old trees, it also houses a swimming pool overlooking the Glera vineyards, with their magical scents.
A perfect wine resort for romantic getaways and gourmet relaxing experiences. Holidays with a sparkling charm, where every moment is a happy hour, illuminated by the bubbles of an excellent Prosecco.

4. Albamarina – Campania

Cilento, unforgettable coastal landscapes, as well as the wines of the Albamarina Winery. Aglianico and Fiano local grapes excel in them. Products in which the local grapes excel: Aglianico and Fiano.
A winery that is talked about for the organic quality of its wines and its extra virgin olive oil. Not only wines! Albamarina is a real farm, a place where you forget the chaos of the city to experience nature. For a complete involvement, it is also possible to eat at the local restaurant which offers zero km food products, obviously accompanied by wines of its own production.
Immersed in vegetation and not far from the sea, Malida House, the farmhouse of the Cellar, has 8 apartments and even a playground for children. With such nature, such tasty wines, this is a place you want to stay.

5. Baglio Oneto of the Princes of San Lorenzo – Luxury Wine Resort – Sicily

A wine resort that is like the wines it produces: highly enjoyable.
Located in Marsala, on the western coast of Sicily, Donna Franca is the perfect place to taste the wines produced by the Ansaldi farm. Founded by the oenologist and historical researcher Giacomo Ansaldi, this organic company was created to make the most of the native grape varieties: Zibibbo, Grillo, Perricone and Nero d’Avola.

A 100% Sicilian production and a magical stay to touch the authentic culture of this island. It is no coincidence that the Donna Franca Resort was born from the renovation of an ancient nineteenth-century “Baglio”, a farm with an internal courtyard, managed by the local nobles. More than just White Lotus! It is here that the authentic Sicilian charm is breathed.

Wine Holidays in Spain

Spain, a nation where wine is loved. Producers love it and consumers appreciate it more and more. As in Italy, in Spain wine is synonymous with conviviality and pleasure, relaxation and the culture of “good living”. The Spanish one is a wide-ranging wine production: whites with a fresh and crunchy appeal, such as those of Rías Baixas, fragrant and refreshing sparkling wines, such as Cavas, intense and persistent reds, such as the famous Riojas. You can find everything you want in Spanish wine glasses.

1. Campo Viejo – Rioja

Campo Viejo, in the heart of the Rioja area in northern Spain, is now a legendary place for its innovative beauty. Its wines enhance the territory through the perfect mix of modernity and tradition. A cellar that blends nature and architecture together. Walking through the vineyards, you will find yourself immersed in a place made of colors and scents, with particular plants and sculptures placed to mark the different places. A charm that you will be able to discover in many different ways, since the experiences offered by Campo Viejo are so many.

In addition to guided tours of the vineyard, the cellar and their special barrel aging room, among the most admired in the world, you can participate in bottle painting courses and follow-up seminars to discover the true charm of Rioja red wines.
Truly a multi-sensory experience, which just lacks the opportunity to sleep over.

Bodegas Terras Gauda: Landscape

Bodegas Terras Gauda: Relaxing Landscape

2. Bodegas Terras Gauda – Galicia

Bodegas Terras Gauda takes you to Galicia, in the province of Pontevedra, a stone’s throw from the Atlantic Ocean and the border with Portugal.
The places of Bodegas Terras Gauda are magical: facing the Rio Miño and the Ocean, surrounded by fresh and fragrant vegetation … just imagining them you can feel the holiday atmosphere. Not to mention the level of hospitality of this winery, one of the most famous and appreciated in Spain. As a couple, with friends, as a family, the wine holidays suggested by Terras Gauda satisfy everyone.

Visits among the vineyards, guided tastings, accompanied by local products, horseback riding among the rows of grapes. That’s a vacation!
Thanks to the perfect organization of the visits, you just have to enjoy the landscape and the wines.

Wine Holidays in Germany

Not just a land of beer! Some of the most renowned white wines in the world are born in Germany. The Rieslings of the Moselle Region, nestled between the art cities of Trier and Koblenz, extending along the course of the Mosel river, are among the finest and most age-worthy wines in the world. Their unique quality is well worth a trip.

Wine Holidays - Mosel Wine Region Landscape

Wine Holidays – Mosel Wine Region Landscape

Kellerei Storck – Mosel

For those who want to experience the true taste of Moselle Riesling firsthand, here is an unforgettable journey … among the vineyards of the Kellerei Storck, in Traben-Trarbach.
A Cellar with a long family tradition, which began in the mid-1800s, with that symbol that, still today, stands out on the labels of the wines produced: the stork, symbol of fertility and chang, two cornerstones of the Storck family’s wine business.
Long-time inhabitants of those places, as evidenced by documents dating back to the 1600s, the Storcks are great connoisseurs of their terroir and their wines are the perfect demonstration of this. For a full immersion in the preciousness of their tasty Riesling, there is even a holiday apartment available. This is how the best wine adventure comes to life!

Wine Holidays in Portugal

Famous for its Port and, today, a country also loved for the casual, tasty and drinkable personality of its wines: how good are the Portuguese whites and rosés!

Quinta de La Rosa

Quinta de la Rosa is one of the most famous agricultural estates along the course of the Douro River. A “Quinta” (AKA “Country Estate”) born in the early 1900s, always a loved property of the Bergqvist family. At the beginning, the Estate supplied its precious grapes to the famous Sandeman company. Only since 1988, the Estate decided to produce its own wines. From vineyards so loved and cared for, only genuine nectars can be born. Their most appetizing qualities are precisely the consistency and the great drinkability: the wines of Quinta de La Rosa smell and taste so good.
Delights that are appreciated even more by staying in the farmhouse of the Estate, in the hills of the Douro Valley: 23 suites with swimming pool for a holiday dedicated to perfumes, taste, nature and relaxation.

Wine Holidays in Greece and Crete

The art of good wine can only start from Greece. A place of origin where it is fantastic to return, especially for a holiday. A country that combines the charm of art and history with the pleasantness of the climate and its wines.
There are many terroirs in Greece in which to find and taste excellent wines, especially based on particular local grapes: a true immersion in the flavours of a land that has spanned the centuries and has been a favorite place for the grapevine since time immemorial.

1. Diamantakos – Macedonia

Naoussa is one of the emerging destinations in Greece for those looking for less crowded holidays, dedicated to the sea, nature, relaxation and historical wonders, without wandering between the islands, like modern Ulysses. Yes, because Naoussa is located a few kilometers from the ancient school of Aristotle, and not far away from the magical beaches of the Chalkidiki peninsula.
In the midst of these attractions, the vineyards of the Diamantakos Winery arise. Rigorously autochthonous grapes, such as Xinomavro and Preknadi, from which only two wines are born. A white wine and a red wine with a special character, it is impossible to taste the same nectars in the whole world. A uniqueness that reflects the context in which these wines are produced.

2. Manousakis Winery – Crete

For true wine experiences under the Cretan sun, the destination is the Manousakis Winery. A place where you can go on excursions through the vineyards, participate in dinners under the stars, take local cooking classes and, of course, taste excellent wines.

The winemaking traditions of the island are combined with modern technologies: this is how the Manousakis family decided to carry on their wine business between the Lefka Ori Mountains of Western Crete. The village of Vatolakkos, where the founder of the company was born, is located between the sea and the mountains, a short distance from the port of Chania. A perfect place to combine the discovery of tasty wines, with an island and cosmopolitan appeal, and enjoy the natural and historical beauties of Crete.

Wine Holidays in North America

California, its wine fame precedes it: excellent Chardonnays, refined Pinot Noirs, vigorous Cabernet Sauvignons and intense Bordeaux blends, with Merlot and Cabernet grapes as protagonists.
Names like Napa Valley, Monterey Bay, Santa Barbara and Sonoma are now synonymous with great wines and not just sea, sun and holidays. The United States of Wine also includes their quality Pinot Noirs from Oregon.

1. Folktale Winery – Monterey Bay, California

Discover the most secret charm of Californian wines with a wine tour of the Folktale winery, located on the beautiful Monterey Bay. Two birds with one stone: a large wine estate and breathtaking landscapes. Sipping excellent red and white wines in a magical setting is priceless. Indeed, Folktale wines are famous for their quality, as appetizing as their price.
Like the setting where they are produced, these wines stand out even with their particular labels. Form and substance at the same time. Visiting the Folktale Winery and its magical natural context is a great way to immerse yourself in the most characteristic charm of Californian wines.

Hess Persson Estate Wine Experiences

Hess Persson Estate: a lot of great Wine Experiences

2. Hess Persson Estate – Napa Valley , California

Moving north, passing San Francisco, we enter the Napa Valley, perhaps the most famous wine appellation in California. Among the numerous wineries, forming an exclusive wine route, the Hess Persson Estate attracts attention. Great wines, many sensory experiences, atop Mount Veeder, in a breathtaking setting, which is detached from the classic Californian imagery.

Wineyard tours, blending experience to create your own wine, wine – food pairings, guided by a famous chef and, of course, a full immersion in all the nuances of Cabernet Sauvignons, produced by the Persson family with grapes from different vineyards. This is a marvelous way to discover the authentic flavour of Red Wines from Napa Valley.

3. Nahalem Bay Winery – Oregon

The splendid Nehalem Bay, the Atlantic Ocean and the wines of the homonymous cellar. Founded in the second half of the 1900s, in the historic creamery of the place, it first became famous for its fruit wines and, later, also for its excellent white and red wines, mostly made form Pinot Noir and Riesling grapes.
A family-run winery, with three generations of experience behind it, which knows how to make its guests feel comfortable: with genuine wines, of course! They well reflect the nature of the grapes grown, breathing the ocean breeze.

Wine Holidays in South America

Chile and Argentina, two fascinating nations also with regard to wine. A high-altitude viticulture, often ungrafted. The heights that mark the Chilean and Argentine vineyards have been impregnable by the dreaded phylloxera: the parasite that devastated the vineyards in Europe in the early 1900s. In these places, straddling two nations, it is therefore easy to come across in centenary vineyards. Grapes with a great baggage, for wines rich in flavour.

1. Viña Undurraga – Maipo Valley, Chile

Maipo Valley, the most appreciated wine region of Chile, together with the Colchagua Valley. Located just south of the capital Santiago, the Maipo Valley is home to the excellent wines of the Viña Undurraga winery, founded in 1855, one of the oldest in the whole nation. 130 years of experience have contributed to expanding the appeal of the wines produced, even thanks to the acquisition of new vineyards and the creation of new cellars.

Maximum respect for the territory and its grapes are the starting points that determine the quality of all the labels produced. When you visit Viña Undurraga you can taste all the facets of Chilean wine, especially featuring the international varietals of Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. This is why the Estate is so careful in organizing unforgettable experiences.

Flecha de los Andes

Flecha de los Andes: a stunning scenery

2. Flecha de Los Andes – Uco Valley, Argentina

Visit Flecha de Los Andes company and you will literally be at the foot of the Andes. This renowned Cellar, founded in the Uco Valley, 120 km from the city of Mendoza, combines a futuristic winery and a landscape of majestic beauty.

A company that was born from the partnership between Baron Benjamin de Rothschild and Monsieur Laurent Dessault with two simple objectives: create excellent wines while protecting the environment. Visiting this Bodega is a very pleasant wine holiday: you really feel the authentic mark of the place on the wines made.
Sipping their Malbecs and Cabernet Sauvignons is already a memorable experience … doing it in those special places, at high altitudes, is even a tastier adventure.

Wine Holidays in Africa

Viticulture in Africa began in a relatively recent period, from the mid-1600s, when the first grape cuttings were imported. Since then the quality of the grapes and wines has undergone constant growth … and the results can all be felt and tasted.
The most famous African place for its wines? The Republic of South Africa of course! A Country where tradition is combined with modernity, for wines that are climbing the top of the charts of the most requested nectars.

1. Vergelegen – Stellenbosch, South Africa

Vergelegen, a wine estate that combines elegance and strength, the two main features of the South African wines.
An ancient estate, born in 1700 and, fortunately, always valued by all its owners. Located in Somerset West, a few kilometers east of Cape Town, in the famous Stellenbosch area, it boasts an idyllic naturalistic context. The beautiful gardens that surround it are a valid reason to organize a visit, as much as the exceptional quality of the wines produced.

Its whites and reds can be easily appreciated, and not just purchased, thanks to the restaurant on the estate and the many events that are organised, such as visits and picnics: further opportunities to appreciate the nature of the place which has been so well preserved over the years. A love for the territory that is reflected in the wines. With so much passion in the air, a wine holiday to this estate brings harmony and taste.

Boekenhoutskloof Winery

Boekenhoutskloof Winery

2. Boekenhoutskloof – Swartland, South Africa

This is one of South Africa’s historic wineries, located in the magnificent Franschhoek valley. Born in 1776, it has become famous for its excellent reds, with Syrah grapes as protagonists, capable of showcasing all the charm of international wines produced in the Swartland area. Ever heard of the exquisite strength of the Chocholate Block?
A Winery surrounded by a unique vegetation, from which it takes its particular name, which means “ravine of the Boekenhout”, an indegenous cape Beech tree perfect for creating solid and beautiful pieces of furniture.

The preservation of local nature is one of the main goals of this Estate. Visiting Boekenhoutskloof means immersing yourself in the landscapes of the South African hinterland, a stone’s throw from some of the most beautiful natural reserves of the nation.

Wine Holidays in New Zealand

Wine Holidays at the antipodes. New Zealand wines are often difficult to discover: their exquisiteness comes from afar. If you’ve always dreamed of visiting such exotic country, combine two pleasures and discover also some of its most renowned wineries.

A unique nation showcasing a new and engaging allure of famous international grapes, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Wine Holidays: Jackson Estate

Wine Holidays: Jackson Estate

Jackson Estate – Marlborough, New Zealand

If you say New Zealand Wines, you say Marlborough. This is one of the most important region for viticulture. Here are born some of the best Sauvignon Blancs from all over the world, famous for their thirst-quenching exotic freshness. Alongside these appreciated white wines, juicy and tasty Pinot Noir emerge, with their great elegance and persistence.
In Marlborough it is certainly worth visiting the splendid Jackson Estate. A winery, organically run, surrounded by nature. That Gum Tree that stands out on the labels of the wines can also be admired by staying in the Estate’s Guest Cottage, an ancient building in Wairau that has been renovated and transformed into a charming hotel.
Comfort, nature and great wines, what else?

Wine Holidays in Australia

A journey into a new gustatory dimension, with different grapes, terroirs and winemaking processes. Australia is a continent of many diversity but viticulture is concentrated above all in the southern area, between South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. An emerging wine production, began around the 60s, that is today increasingly in demand for its quality in crescendo.
Australian wines have a particular value: they know how to amaze. Intense, warm and soft white and red wines, very often created with a wise use of barriques, in order to achieve a distinctive elegance. Great protagonists of Australian wine production are Chardonnay and Riesling, alongside Syrah and Pinot Noir.

Yering Farm – Victoria

To taste the authentic charm of an Australian Chardonnay alongside the elegance of a particular Pinot Noir, the destination is the State of Victoria. Its cooler area, which encloses the Yarra Valley, amazes for the elegance of its wines, such as the whites and reds made at the Yering Farm.

After such a long journey, all the way to South Australia, a regenerating holiday is needed at The George, a renovated farmhouse amongst orchards and vineyards, owned by the Johns family, farmers for five generations. A perfect way to enjoy the wines produced by this family-run company in an idyllic and restful setting, for all the senses. Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Shiraz, the four musketeers of Australian viticulture told by great winemakers. The wines signed by the Johns Family are produced in a limited number of bottles: a constant guarantee of quality, authenticity and tastiness. It is worth traveling to the antipodes to know these wines.